Golf Channel Academy New Golfer Assessments

Assess to Progress!

What club or shot is costing you the most shots when you play?

Let me asses your ball control skills on the range/short game area and/or on the golf course where the conditions are different

and you need to get the ball into the hole because score counts.

Come see me and let's plan out your personal road to improvement.

Contact me to schedule a time to get started. Call or text 443-286-1986 or email

Fall value special!

5 teaching and coaching sessions $750.00 value 

Fall special $500.00 Save $250.00 

Get Better Now!  Lower Scores! Have More Fun!

The Short and Long of Golf Program

Start Short...Go Long!

Results You Want

This unique approach brings your longer game into better focus, concentrating on shorter distances first to develop your feel for the club face and your motion, thereby making your overall game so much stronger, while increasing your confidence and enjoyment.

Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach Rick Krebs' The Short and Long of Golf will save you shots from green to tee.

Learning the game from "short to long" will give yourself more opportunity to make birdies and pars, and have a lot more fun and get the RESULTS you are looking for.

We also want to help you make practice more productive and enjoyable. 

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